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Students login to the online classroom where they access training programs. Program utilization varies between organizations, but one thing remains consistent: a comprehensive training approach that is easy to use for the student and effectively teaches the curriculum.

All helpdesk support is provided so students can get their technology questions answered easily by friendly, helpful support representatives.

  • Access the online classroom
  • Complete online lessons
  • Complete online tests for each lesson
  • Participate in online discussions
  • Get help from support specialists
"We see this type of program not as a competitive advantage, but as a way for the security industry in Ontario to adapt higher training standards that go beyond Ministry guidelines. It is important that we offer security professionals the best training tools available and thanks to your hard work over the last several years, it looks like that will be possible."

Ernest, President of Security Guard Company in Ontario

"It is important that we provide our existing staff with a wide range of training options so they are well prepared for the Ministry testing. The ONTSecurity curriculum is in our arsenal of training tools. In the past, we have had high success using a blended approach to learning and it is even mandated for certain worksites to ensure contract compliance. It is great to have a curriculum standard that has been created by both security industry and education experts in Ontario."

Daniel, District Manager, Branch Office of Global Security Guard provider

"I rate this training highly because it is well designed, and you have to learn the material to successfully pass the training. I have already recommended this training - it's a good education, brilliant."

William, Security Guard, Training Feedback Survey

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